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NEW: Guns N Roses live in Buenos Aires 1993 - 2CD - July 17 - source #1

Guns N' Roses

July 17th 1993

Estadio de River Plate, Buenos Aires, Argentina

'FM Hit 105.5' FM Broadcast

Notes: Second of the 2 closing nights of the UYI World Tour.  This was part of the Skin N' Bones 1993 leg,
       finishing up with 2 shows in Argentina after earlier legs in North America (Feb 23rd -> April 28th)
       and Europe (May 22nd -> July 13th).
       These 2 shows also mark the end of the 'original' line-up. As we all know now, the next 'GNR' show
       wouldn't be before Jan 1st of 2001, by then only including Axl Rose and Dizzy Reed.


Disc 1:

1.  Intro
2.  Nightrain
3.  Mr. Brownstone
4.  Yesterdays [cuts in]
5.  Live And Let Die
6.  Attitude [cuts in]
7.  Welcome To The Jungle
8.  Double Talkin' Jive [w/ Train Kept A Rollin']
9.  Dead Flowers
10. You Ain't The First
11. You're Crazy
12. Used To Love Her
13. Patience [w/ Pinball Wizard / Imagine]
14. Knockin' On Heaven's Door [cuts in]

Disc 2:

1.  Dust In The Wind [cuts in]
2.  November Rain
3.  Dead Horse
4.  Band Introductions
5.  Drum Solo
6.  You Could Be Mine
7.  Guitar Solo [w/ Let It Be]
8.  Sweet Child O' Mine
9.  Mother [Intro]
10. Paradise City
11. Outro

Recording notes: - At times the radio announcers speak over the songs.
- 'Yesterdays', 'Attitude', 'KOHD' and 'DITW' cut in slightly, probably due to commercial breaks
  cut from this recording.
                 - I received these shows as untracked cdr's of unknown generation, the recording itself is taken
  from the master cassette's.  I tracked the cdr's using Cool Edit Pro.

Download this bootleg here

NEW: Guns N Roses live in Buenos Aires 1993 - 1CD - including other tracks

Acoustic Jam
Source: Tracks 1-6: Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 17, 1993
Tracks 7-11: New York, NY, October 30, 1987, T
racks 12-13:  Tokyo, Japan 2,22,1992
Time: 71:36
Label: Devil

1-Dead Flowers
2-You Ain't The First
3-You're Crazy
4-Used To love Her
5-Patience imagine
6-Knockin' On Heavens Door
7- One In Millin
8-Used To Love her
9- Patience
10- Mr. Brownstone
11- Move to the Cty
13-Rocket Queen