Saturday, February 18, 2017

NEW: Velvet Revolver live at Rock Am Ring 2007 - 1DVD - June 3 - pro-shot

Velvet Revolver
Rock Am Ring
Nurburg, Germany
June 3, 2007

This version is 16:9 as broadcast

Let It Roll
Do It for the Kids
Sucker Train Blues
She Mine
Fall to Pieces
Just Sixteen
It's So Easy
Sex Type Thing
She Builds Quick Machines
Set Me Free
Psycho Killer
Mr. Brownstone

Pro shot/Master sourced/PC authored

- Audio Codec: AC3
- Audio Bitrate: 192 kbps
- Video System: NTSC 29.97 fps
- Video Bitrate: 6966 kbps

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here

Saturday, February 11, 2017

RE-UP: Walking Papers (Duff McKagan) live in Seattle 2013 - 1CD - August 5

August 5, 2013
Seattle, WA, USA
Easy Street Records

I went to this because Duff McKagan's in the band and I've liked everything I've heard from him in the past. It was pretty weird seeing him play a record store. The music was good but, sadly, the vocals were VERY low. Because I'd never heard these guys before, I can't say what the singer really sounds like. He was really screaming up there, but it was all kind of for nothing because he was buried (fortunately, he's also the guitar player). It's better on The Butcher, because that's a mellow song. But if you're downloading this for Duff or Barrett Martin, then go for it - the sound's pretty good otherwise.

The setlist is taken from a photo I found online of the setlist on the stage. The first 6 songs were shortened quite a bit on it, but I figured them out from the album tracklisting. The last song could very well have a longer name. It doesn't seem to be on the record.

Even with the low vocals, the band's still good and the recording's very decent.

1. (intro)
2. The Whole World's Watching
3. Red Envelopes
4. Your Secret's Safe With Me
5. Capital T
6. The Butcher
7. Two Tickets And A Room
8. Climber
9. (outro)

37 minutes, 7 seconds

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

NEW: Slash & Myles Kennedy live in Rio de Janeiro 2012 - 1DVD - November 2 - pro-shot

Band: Slash feat. Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators
Date: 2012-11-02
City: Rio de Janeiro
Country: Brazil
Source: Pro shot
TV system: NTSC
Menu: Yes, with chapters each 5 min
Duration: 118:39
Quality: A-

Nightrain (Guns N' Roses)
Standing in the Sun
Back From Cali
Been There Lately (Slash's Snakepit)
My Michelle (Guns N' Roses)
Rocket Queen (Guns N' Roses)
Bad Rain
Not for Me
Doctor Alibi (Todd Kerns cantando)
You're Crazy (Guns N' Roses) (Todd Kerns cantando)
No More Heroes
Blues Jam
You're a Lie
Sweet Child O' Mine (Guns N' Roses)
Slither (Velvet Revolver)
Paradise City (Guns N' Roses)

25 fps
720 x 576
9.80 Mbps

48 khz
192 kb/s

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
Download part 5 here

Thursday, February 2, 2017

NEW: Guns N Roses live in Rio de Janeiro 1991 - 1DVD - January 23 - pro-shot

Wednesday January 23, 1991
Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rock in Rio II

Pretty Tied Up
Mr. Brownstone
I Was Only Joking
Godfather Theme
Double Talkin' Jive
Welcome To The Jungle
Only Women Bleed
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Drum Solo
You Could Be Mine
Civil War
Paradise City

Total running time: 1:07:38

Pro-shot multi-cam mix DVD
Lineage: Low generation video sources VIDEO_TS > Pinnacle Studio 14 > VIDEO_TS
video sources used:
-Pre-Mix-Slash’s cam (Will)
-Pre-Mix-Axl's cam (Limulus)
-TV Broadcast (Milton Purple & Jarl)
-MTV Broadcast & MTV's "Hard 'N' Heavy 13" (Limulus)
Video: 720x576, 25fps, 4:3, PAL
Bitrate: 6500kbs
Including chapters and menus.
Transfered, edited & authored by Buda

Audio lineage:
-Original video audio
-"Maracana XPII" 2CD (silvers) > EAC (secure, offset corrected) > Flac > WAV > LPCM

Originally intended as an experiment with the recently appeared two
unseen Slash and Axl cams (thanks to "w.axl.rose" at HTGTH) but the
also available different broadcasts made it possible to expand it
furthermore. Unfortunately not all through; the last four tracks are
simple multi-cam versions to make all the available footage complete.
Paradise City has a missing chunk of video but audio completes.

Only flaw present on this release is the sound delay of Godfather.
At the end of a rather long authoring process and after trying more
than a dozen of different settings to render this track as
flawlessly as the rest, the result always came with this 2 minutes
long part not in snych due to some unconquerable software malfunction.

Despite this downer, the movie is safe and sound and thanks to the
numerous views and stellar performances, a joy to see.
You certainly saw and heard it a million times already but probably
have never seen it the way quite like this. - Buda


Wednesday, February 1, 2017

NEW: Gilby Clarke live in Stockholm 2012 - 1CD - May 22

Artist: Gilby Clarke & Badmouth
Band: Stockholm,Sweden
Venue: HarryJames Rock Pub
Date: 2012-05-22
Audio Sound Master

*Supportband: "Badmouth" (From Stockholm - *Not taped)


Wasn't Yesterday Great
Under The Gun
Motorcycle Cowboys (Kill for Thrills song)
It's So Easy (Guns N' Roses song)
Cure Me... Or Kill Me
Dead Flowers (The Rolling Stones cover)
Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan cover)
Be Yourself (And 5 Other Cliches)
(Rock Star Supernova cover)
Tijuana Jail
Pretty Vacant (Sex Pistols cover) (with complete Badmouth-band)

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NEW: Duff McKagan's Loaded live on Rockline 2009 - 2CD - April 8 - soundboard

Duff McKagan's Loaded
Rockline Concert
Los Angeles, CA
8 April 2009

Duff McKagan - guitar & vocals
Jeff Rouse - bass
Mike Squires - guitar
Geoff Reading - drums

Total playing time (68:38)

01) Interview
02) Flatline
03) Interview
04) Encore ? from Geoff Tate of Queensryche
05) Interview
06) Comments from BC

<Live Set (tracks 7 - 14)>

07) Sick
08) The Slide
09) Sleaze Factory
10) Executioner's Song
11) Flatline
12) I See Through You
13) IOU
14) Wasted Heart

15) Comments from BC
16) Interview
17) Translucent
18) Interview
19) Thank Yous
20) Closing Credits


Duff McKagan & Loaded appear in this edition of Rockline to promote their album "Sick" with a live performance.

NOTE: all album tracks have been removed.  Tracks 2 & 17 only contain introductory &/or closing comments about the track.

Download this bootleg here

NEW: Duff McKagan's Loaded live in Buenos Aires 2009 - 1CD - November 6

Duff McKagan's Loaded
November 6, 2009
El Teatro Colegiales, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Sick / Sleaze Factory
Dark Days
So Fine
Then and Now
Duff talking
The Slide
Good News
Wasted Heart
No Shame / I See Through You
New Rose
10 Years
Dust & Bones
It's So Easy

Download this bootleg here

NEW: Duff McKagan's Loaded live in Bristol 2009 - 1CD - October 21

Duff McKagan's Loaded
October 21, 2009
O2 Academy, Bristol, UK

Executioner's Song
Sleaze Factory
Dark Days
Seattle Head
Wasted Heart
No Shame
I See Through You
New Rose
It's So Easy

Download this bootleg here

NEW: Duff McKagan's Loaded live at Rock Am Ring 2009 - 1CD - June 6

Duff McKagan's Loaded
Rock Am Ring Festival
June 6, 2009

Sleaze Factory
Executioner's Song
Dark Days
Seattle Head
So Fine
I Wanna Be Your Dog
Livin' After Midnight / T.N.T.
Wild Horses
I Wanna Be Your Dog / Welcome To The Jungle (intro) / Paradise City
It's So Easy

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