Wednesday, March 29, 2017

NEW: Walking Papers (Duff McKagan) live in Paris 2013 - 2CD - May 3

TORRENT TITLE : Walking Papers - 2013-05-03 - Flèche d'Or, Paris, France

ARTIST NAME : Walking Papers

VENUE, CITY, COUNTRY, DATE : Flèche d'Or (capacity 500), Paris, France, 20130503

00. Intro
01. Already Dead
02. The Whole World's Watching
03. Your Secret's Safe With Me
04. Red Envelopes
05. Leave Me in the Dark
06. Capital T
07. The Butcher
08. Two Tickets And a Room
09. I'll Stick Around
10. Afro Beat (New Song)
11. Pho Town (New Song)
12. A Place Like This
13. Independence Day
14. King Hooker (New Song)
15. This Town (New Song)
16. Red and White (New Song)

Jeff Angel : Lead vocal and Guitar
Barrett Martin : Drums and Backing Vocals
Benjamin Anderson : Keyboards, backing vocals
Duff McKagan : Bass

SOURCE : AUD, recorded from the middle, slightly to the left with Zoom H1, auto level and Lo cut on, in wav 44/16

NOTES : I discovered this band by accident and was intrigued, like many probably, by the involvement of Duff McKagan of Guns'n'Roses fame, but it's a great band in the "Seattle post-1991 tradition" and they deserve a good listen! Jeff Angell on guitars and lead vocals was really impressive and I was amazed to see him jump off the stage at the end (no encores) and say he'd be in the back signing CDs! He was clearly happy to be there and still seemed full energy after a show where he seemed to be giving it all.

The sound didn't come out too bad in this small club (500 capacity, about 3/4 full) I think, unfortunately there was a group of 3 people slightly to my left who were completely out of it and kept talking loudly and shouting...and drinking beers pretty much throughout the concert...


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